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+Logitech documents
+2200_mousepointer.pdf, 4301_k750_solarkeyboard_lightandbattery.pdf,
+6100_touchpadraw.pdf, 6110_touchmouseraw.pdf,
+logitech_hidpp10_specification_for_Unifying_Receivers.pdf have been created
+from .doc(x) files using LibreOffice.
+logitech_hidpp_2.0_specification_draft_2012-06-04.pdf was already a PDF, so no
+conversion was necessary.
+The contents of the aforementioned files are (C) Logitech.
+Retrieved from
+(found at
+usbmon.awk was a RE attempt before I found the spec, it helped me understand
+the packets when the specification was not available.
+You will find the HID++ 1.0 spec the most interesting, I hope to produce a
+pairing program soon.
+usbmon.awk - initial debugging tool used for tapping usbmon from debugfs
+hidraw.c - successor of usbmon.awk that can parse packets of usb payload.
+read-dev-usbmon.c - Reads data from /dev/usbmonX and show interpreted data in a
+ more human-readable way.
+Note: as a quick-n-dirty hack, I included hidraw.c at some point into the
+read-dev-usbmon program. Otherwise, I had no way to show the difference between
+a send or receive packet without adding to the same stdout stream. If I included
+it in the stderr pipe, then it would be interleaved with stdout in an
+unpredictable manner. This means that hidraw.c is currently unusable, it does
+not process data correctly.
+Usage of USB debugger:
+1. Use `lsusb -d 046d:c52b` to determine the bus number. If the output is "Bus
+ 001 ..", your usb monitor device is at /dev/usbmon1.
+2. sudo chgrp $USER /dev/usbmon1
+3. sudo chmod g+r /dev/usbmon1
+4. ./read-dev-usbmon /dev/usbmon1
+5. Profit!
+~ Peter Wu <>