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2020-06-14ltunify: add Nano receiver c534 (MK270) supportPeter Wu1-0/+3
Fix "Unknown protocol 0x0a in devcon notif" errors when trying to list or pair new devices connected to the Nano receiver with device ID c534. This receiver is limited to 2 devices only and does not allow unpairing. Update the hidraw autodetection since the first detected hidraw device is wrong. Check the interface number, similar to Solaar, this avoids more complicated HID descriptor parsing. To confirm whether a device supports the HID++ protocol, either use `sudo lsusb -v046d:` (without a kernel driver bound to it) or use hidrd-convert -o spec /sys/class/hidraw/hidrawX/device/report_descriptor output.txt to find a Vendor-Specific page.
2013-06-16udev: add more IDsPeter Wu1-5/+13
- Add second official Unifying receiver (mentioned in from hid-logitech-dj.c) and "Unifying Ready" Nano receiver (mentioned in Solaar). - Introduce an extra label for easier extension. - Remove world-writable suggestion, no reason to do so with uaccess.
2013-06-13udev: use uaccess and udev-aclPeter Wu1-2/+8
2013-04-24Add udev example for root-less accessing the unifying receiverPeter Wu1-0/+13