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Move argument parsing to sub-command functions
Instead of doing most of the argument parsing in parse_cmdline(), find the sub-command and (if required) the device name in main() and do the rest in the sub-command handler function. Pass argc and argp around in struct cmd_context. This also tightens up argument parsing slightly: extraneous or missing arguments will now result in an error in a few cases where they were previously ignored. All test cases now pass. Replace sub-command dispatch in doit() with a function pointer in struct option. Signed-off-by: Ben Hutchings <>
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@@ -252,11 +252,11 @@ ethtool \- query or control network driver and hardware settings
.B ethtool \-n
.I devname
-.RB [ rx\-flow\-hash \ \*(FL]
+.BR rx\-flow\-hash \ \*(FL
.B ethtool \-N
.I devname
-.RB [ rx\-flow\-hash \ \*(FL \: \*(HO]
+.BR rx\-flow\-hash \ \*(FL \: \*(HO
.B ethtool \-w|\-\-get\-dump
.I devname