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authorStuart Hodgson <>2012-05-18 15:58:45 +0100
committerBen Hutchings <>2012-05-23 00:59:51 +0100
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ethtool: Addition of -m option to dump module eeprom
The -m option now allows for retrieval of EEPROM information form a plug in module such as SFP+. This shows specific information about the type and capabilities of the module in use The format can be easily extended to support other modules types such as QSFP in future. Raw data dump is also supported. Signed-off-by: Stuart Hodgson <> Signed-off-by: Ben Hutchings <>
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@@ -321,6 +321,13 @@ ethtool \- query or control network driver and hardware settings
.BN other
.BN combined
+.B ethtool \-m|\-\-dump\-module\-eeprom
+.I devname
+.B2 raw on off
+.B2 hex on off
+.BN offset
+.BN length
.B ethtool \-\-show\-priv\-flags
.I devname
@@ -796,6 +803,9 @@ Changes the number of channels used only for other purposes e.g. link interrupts
.BI combined \ N
Changes the number of multi-purpose channels.
+.B \-m \-\-dump\-module\-eeprom
+Retrieves and if possible decodes the EEPROM from plugin modules, e.g SFP+, QSFP
.B \-\-show\-priv\-flags
Queries the specified network device for its private flags. The
names and meanings of private flags (if any) are defined by each