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Change -k/-K options to use ETHTOOL_{G,S}FEATURES
Rewrite the offload get and set functions to use the generic features API where available, while maintaining a similar output format. Add the long options --show-features and --features as additional aliases for -k and -K. Where there is exactly one named feature corresponding to an old offload name, show the feature using the old offload name. Where there are multiple features corresponding to an old offload name, show the features as a group, indented underneath it. Add some test cases to check that this works properly with or without the generic features API. (These may well be insufficient.) Signed-off-by: Ben Hutchings <>
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@@ -199,23 +199,13 @@ ethtool \- query or control network driver and hardware settings
.BN length
.BN value
-.B ethtool \-k|\-\-show\-offload
+.B ethtool \-k|\-\-show\-features|\-\-show\-offload
.I devname
-.B ethtool \-K|\-\-offload
-.I devname
-.B2 rx on off
-.B2 tx on off
-.B2 sg on off
-.B2 tso on off
-.B2 ufo on off
-.B2 gso on off
-.B2 gro on off
-.B2 lro on off
-.B2 rxvlan on off
-.B2 txvlan on off
-.B2 ntuple on off
-.B2 rxhash on off
+.B ethtool \-K|\-\-features|\-\-offload
+.I devname feature
+.A1 on off
+.RB ...
.B ethtool \-p|\-\-identify
.I devname
@@ -428,11 +418,14 @@ parameters allow writing to certain portions of the EEPROM.
Because of the persistent nature of writing to the EEPROM, a device-specific
magic key must be specified to prevent the accidental writing to the EEPROM.
-.B \-k \-\-show\-offload
-Queries the specified network device for offload information.
+.B \-k \-\-show\-features \-\-show\-offload
+Queries the specified network device for the state of protocol
+offload and other features.
-.B \-K \-\-offload
-Changes the offload parameters of the specified network device.
+.B \-K \-\-features \-\-offload
+Changes the offload parameters and other features of the specified
+network device. The following feature names are built-in and others
+may be defined by the kernel.
.A2 rx on off
Specifies whether RX checksumming should be enabled.