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Merge branch 'overlayfs-linus' of git://
Pull overlayfs update from Miklos Szeredi: "The meat of this is a change to use the mounter's credentials for operations that require elevated privileges (such as whiteout creation). This fixes behavior under user namespaces as well as being a nice cleanup" * 'overlayfs-linus' of git:// ovl: Do d_type check only if work dir creation was successful ovl: update documentation ovl: override creds with the ones from the superblock mounter
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@@ -194,15 +194,6 @@ If a file with multiple hard links is copied up, then this will
"break" the link. Changes will not be propagated to other names
referring to the same inode.
-Symlinks in /proc/PID/ and /proc/PID/fd which point to a non-directory
-object in overlayfs will not contain valid absolute paths, only
-relative paths leading up to the filesystem's root. This will be
-fixed in the future.
-Some operations are not atomic, for example a crash during copy_up or
-rename will leave the filesystem in an inconsistent state. This will
-be addressed in the future.
Changes to underlying filesystems