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Merge tag 'for-linus' of git://
Pull more rdma updates from Doug Ledford: "This is the second group of code for the 4.7 merge window. It looks large, but only in one sense. I'll get to that in a minute. The list of changes here breaks down as follows: - Dynamic counter infrastructure in the IB drivers This is a sysfs based code to allow free form access to the hardware counters RDMA devices might support so drivers don't need to code this up repeatedly themselves - SendOnlyFullMember multicast support - IB router support - A couple misc fixes - The big item on the list: hfi1 driver updates, plus moving the hfi1 driver out of staging There was a group of 15 patches in the hfi1 list that I thought I had in the first pull request but they weren't. So that added to the length of the hfi1 section here. As far as these go, everything but the hfi1 is pretty straight forward. The hfi1 is, if you recall, the driver that Al had complaints about how it used the write/writev interfaces in an overloaded fashion. The write portion of their interface behaved like the write handler in the IB stack proper and did bi-directional communications. The writev interface, on the other hand, only accepts SDMA request structures. The completions for those structures are sent back via an entirely different event mechanism. With the security patch, we put security checks on the write interface, however, we also knew they would be going away soon. Now, we've converted the write handler in the hfi1 driver to use ioctls from the IB reserved magic area for its bidirectional communications. With that change, Intel has addressed all of the items originally on their TODO when they went into staging (as well as many items added to the list later). As such, I moved them out, and since they were the last item in the staging/rdma directory, and I don't have immediate plans to use the staging area again, I removed the staging/rdma area. Because of the move out of staging, as well as a series of 5 patches in the hfi1 driver that removed code people thought should be done in a different way and was optional to begin with (a snoop debug interface, an eeprom driver for an eeprom connected directory to their hfi1 chip and not via an i2c bus, and a few other things like that), the line count, especially the removal count, is high" * tag 'for-linus' of git:// (56 commits) staging/rdma: Remove the entire rdma subdirectory of staging IB/core: Make device counter infrastructure dynamic IB/hfi1: Fix pio map initialization IB/hfi1: Correct 8051 link parameter settings IB/hfi1: Update pkey table properly after link down or FM start IB/rdamvt: Fix rdmavt s_ack_queue sizing IB/rdmavt: Max atomic value should be a u8 IB/hfi1: Fix hard lockup due to not using save/restore spin lock IB/hfi1: Add tracing support for send with invalidate opcode IB/hfi1, qib: Add ieth to the packet header definitions IB/hfi1: Move driver out of staging IB/hfi1: Do not free hfi1 cdev parent structure early IB/hfi1: Add trace message in user IOCTL handling IB/hfi1: Remove write(), use ioctl() for user cmds IB/hfi1: Add ioctl() interface for user commands IB/hfi1: Remove unused user command IB/hfi1: Remove snoop/diag interface IB/hfi1: Remove EPROM functionality from data device IB/hfi1: Remove UI char device IB/hfi1: Remove multiple device cdev ...
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ports/1/pkeys/10 contains the value at index 10 in port 1's P_Key
+ There is an optional "hw_counters" subdirectory that may be under either
+ the parent device or the port subdirectories or both. If present,
+ there are a list of counters provided by the hardware. They may match
+ some of the counters in the counters directory, but they often include
+ many other counters. In addition to the various counters, there will
+ be a file named "lifespan" that configures how frequently the core
+ should update the counters when they are being accessed (counters are
+ not updated if they are not being accessed). The lifespan is in milli-
+ seconds and defaults to 10 unless set to something else by the driver.
+ Users may echo a value between 0 - 10000 to the lifespan file to set
+ the length of time between updates in milliseconds.
The Mellanox HCA driver also creates the files: