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switch ->setxattr() to passing dentry and inode separately
smack ->d_instantiate() uses ->setxattr(), so to be able to call it before we'd hashed the new dentry and attached it to inode, we need ->setxattr() instances getting the inode as an explicit argument rather than obtaining it from dentry. Similar change for ->getxattr() had been done in commit ce23e64. Unlike ->getxattr() (which is used by both selinux and smack instances of ->d_instantiate()) ->setxattr() is used only by smack one and unfortunately it got missed back then. Reported-by: Seung-Woo Kim <> Tested-by: Casey Schaufler <> Signed-off-by: Al Viro <>
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@@ -578,3 +578,10 @@ in your dentry operations instead.
->atomic_open() calls without O_CREAT may happen in parallel.
+ ->setxattr() and xattr_handler.set() get dentry and inode passed separately.
+ dentry might be yet to be attached to inode, so do _not_ use its ->d_inode
+ in the instances. Rationale: !@#!@# security_d_instantiate() needs to be
+ called before we attach dentry to inode and !@#!@##!@$!$#!@#$!@$!@$ smack
+ ->d_instantiate() uses not just ->getxattr() but ->setxattr() as well.