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Merge git://
Pull intel IOMMU updates from David Woodhouse: "This patchset improves the scalability of the Intel IOMMU code by resolving two spinlock bottlenecks and eliminating the linearity of the IOVA allocator, yielding up to ~5x performance improvement and approaching 'iommu=off' performance" * git:// iommu/vt-d: Use per-cpu IOVA caching iommu/iova: introduce per-cpu caching to iova allocation iommu/vt-d: change intel-iommu to use IOVA frame numbers iommu/vt-d: avoid dev iotlb logic for domains with no dev iotlbs iommu/vt-d: only unmap mapped entries iommu/vt-d: correct flush_unmaps pfn usage iommu/vt-d: per-cpu deferred invalidation queues iommu/vt-d: refactoring of deferred flush entries
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