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Merge tag 'md/4.7-rc1' of git://
Pull MD updates from Shaohua Li: "Several patches from Guoqing fixing md-cluster bugs and several patches from Heinz fixing dm-raid bugs" * tag 'md/4.7-rc1' of git:// md-cluster: check the return value of process_recvd_msg md-cluster: gather resync infos and enable recv_thread after bitmap is ready md: set MD_CHANGE_PENDING in a atomic region md: raid5: add prerequisite to run underneath dm-raid md: raid10: add prerequisite to run underneath dm-raid md: md.c: fix oops in mddev_suspend for raid0 md-cluster: fix ifnullfree.cocci warnings md-cluster/bitmap: unplug bitmap to sync dirty pages to disk md-cluster/bitmap: fix wrong page num in bitmap_file_clear_bit and bitmap_file_set_bit md-cluster/bitmap: fix wrong calcuation of offset md-cluster: sync bitmap when node received RESYNCING msg md-cluster: always setup in-memory bitmap md-cluster: wakeup thread if activated a spare disk md-cluster: change array_sectors and update size are not supported md-cluster: fix locking when node joins cluster during message broadcast md-cluster: unregister thread if err happened md-cluster: wake up thread to continue recovery md-cluser: make resync_finish only called after pers->sync_request md-cluster: change resync lock from asynchronous to synchronous
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@@ -316,3 +316,9 @@ The algorithm is:
nodes are using the raid which is achieved by lock all bitmap
locks within the cluster, and also those locks are unlocked
+7. Unsupported features
+There are somethings which are not supported by cluster MD yet.
+- update size and change array_sectors.