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Merge branch 'upstream' of git://
Pull MIPS updates from Ralf Baechle: "Eight fixes across arch/mips. Nothing stands particuarly out nor is complicated but fixes keep coming in at a higher than comfortable rate" * 'upstream' of git:// MIPS: KVM: Do not sign extend on unsigned MMIO load MIPS: BPF: Fix stack pointer allocation MIPS: Loongson-3: Fix a cpu-hotplug issue in loongson3_ipi_interrupt() MIPS: Fix enabling of DEBUG_STACKOVERFLOW MIPS: c-r4k: Fix typo in probe_scache() MIPS: Avoid an FPE exception in FCSR mask probing MIPS: ath79: Add a missing new line in log message MIPS: ralink: Fix clearing the illegal access interrupt
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