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Pull networking fixes from David Miller: 1) All users of AF_PACKET's fanout feature want a symmetric packet header hash for load balancing purposes, so give it to them. 2) Fix vlan state synchronization in e1000e, from Jarod Wilson. 3) Use correct socket pointer in ip_skb_dst_mtu(), from Shmulik Ladkani. 4) mlx5 bug fixes from Mohamad Haj Yahia, Daniel Jurgens, Matthew Finlay, Rana Shahout, and Shaker Daibes. Mostly to do with operation timeouts and PCI error handling. 5) Fix checksum handling in mirred packet action, from WANG Cong. 6) Set skb->dev correctly when transmitting in !protect_frames case of macsec driver, from Daniel Borkmann. 7) Fix MTU calculation in geneve driver, from Haishuang Yan. 8) Missing netif_napi_del() in unregister path of qeth driver, from Ursula Braun. 9) Handle malformed route netlink messages in decnet properly, from Vergard Nossum. 10) Memory leak of percpu data in ipv6 routing code, from Martin KaFai Lau. * git:// (41 commits) ipv6: Fix mem leak in rt6i_pcpu net: fix decnet rtnexthop parsing cxgb4: update latest firmware version supported net/mlx5: Avoid setting unused var when modifying vport node GUID bonding: fix enslavement slave link notifications r8152: fix runtime function for RTL8152 qeth: delete napi struct when removing a qeth device Revert "fsl/fman: fix error handling" fsl/fman: fix error handling cdc_ncm: workaround for EM7455 "silent" data interface RDS: fix rds_tcp_init() error path geneve: fix max_mtu setting net: phy: dp83867: Fix initialization of PHYCR register enc28j60: Fix race condition in enc28j60 driver net: stmmac: Fix null-function call in ISR on stmmac1000 tipc: fix nl compat regression for link statistics net: bcmsysport: Device stats are unsigned long macsec: set actual real device for xmit when !protect_frames net_sched: fix mirrored packets checksum packet: Use symmetric hash for PACKET_FANOUT_HASH. ...
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