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Merge tag 'devicetree-for-4.4' of git://
Pull DeviceTree updates from Rob Herring: "A fairly large (by DT standards) pull request this time with the majority being some overdue moving DT binding docs around to consolidate similar bindings. - DT binding doc consolidation moving similar bindings to common locations. The majority of these are display related which were scattered in video/, fb/, drm/, gpu/, and panel/ directories. - Add new config option, CONFIG_OF_ALL_DTBS, to enable building all dtbs in the tree for most arches with dts files (except powerpc for now). - OF_IRQ=n fixes for user enabled CONFIG_OF. - of_node_put ref counting fixes from Julia Lawall. - Common DT binding for wakeup-source and deprecation of all similar bindings. - DT binding for PXA LCD controller. - Allow ignoring failed PCI resource translations in order to ignore 64-bit addresses on non-LPAE 32-bit kernels. - Support setting the NUMA node from DT instead of only from parent device. - Couple of earlycon DT parsing fixes for address and options" * tag 'devicetree-for-4.4' of git:// (45 commits) MAINTAINERS: update DT binding doc locations devicetree: add Sigma Designs vendor prefix of: simplify arch_find_n_match_cpu_physical_id() function Documentation: arm: Fixed typo in socfpga fpga mgr example Documentation: devicetree: fix reference to legacy wakeup properties Documentation: devicetree: standardize/consolidate on "wakeup-source" property drivers: of: removing assignment of 0 to static variable xtensa: enable building of all dtbs mips: enable building of all dtbs metag: enable building of all dtbs metag: use common make variables for dtb builds h8300: enable building of all dtbs arm64: enable building of all dtbs arm: enable building of all dtbs arc: enable building of all dtbs arc: use common make variables for dtb builds of: add config option to enable building of all dtbs of/fdt: fix error checking for earlycon address of/overlay: add missing of_node_put of/platform: add missing of_node_put ...
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