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Add Chris Boot's i2c and spi drivers.
i2c-bcm2708: fixed baudrate Fixed issue where the wrong CDIV value was set for baudrates below 3815 Hz (for 250MHz bus clock). In that case the computed CDIV value was more than 0xffff. However the CDIV register width is only 16 bits. This resulted in incorrect setting of CDIV and higher baudrate than intended. Example: 3500Hz -> CDIV=0x11704 -> CDIV(16bit)=0x1704 -> 42430Hz After correction: 3500Hz -> CDIV=0x11704 -> CDIV(16bit)=0xffff -> 3815Hz The correct baudrate is shown in the log after the cdiv > 0xffff correction. Perform I2C combined transactions when possible Perform I2C combined transactions whenever possible, within the restrictions of the Broadcomm Serial Controller. Disable DONE interrupt during TA poll Prevent interrupt from being triggered if poll is missed and transfer starts and finishes. i2c: Make combined transactions optional and disabled by default
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@@ -31,4 +31,11 @@ config BCM2708_NOL2CACHE
Do not allow ARM to use GPU's L2 cache. Requires disable_l2cache in config.txt.
+config BCM2708_SPIDEV
+ bool "Bind spidev to SPI0 master"
+ depends on MACH_BCM2708
+ depends on SPI
+ default y
+ help
+ Binds spidev driver to the SPI0 master