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Add bcm2708_gpio driver
Signed-off-by: popcornmix <> bcm2708: Add extension to configure internal pulls The bcm2708 gpio controller supports internal pulls to be used as pull-up, pull-down or being entirely disabled. As it can be useful for a driver to change the pull configuration from it's default pull-down state, add an extension which allows configuring the pull per gpio. Signed-off-by: Julian Scheel <> bcm2708-gpio: Revert the use of pinctrl_request_gpio In non-DT systems, pinctrl_request_gpio always fails causing "requests probe deferral" messages. In DT systems, it isn't useful because the reference counting is independent of the normal pinctrl pin reservations. gpio: Only clear the currently occurring interrupt. Avoids losing interrupts See: linux #760 bcm2708_gpio: Avoid calling irq_unmask for all interrupts When setting up the interrupts, specify that the handle_simple_irq handler should be used. This leaves interrupt acknowledgement to the caller, and prevents irq_unmask from being called for all interrupts. Issue: linux #760
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obj-$(CONFIG_MACH_BCM2708) += clock.o bcm2708.o armctrl.o vcio.o power.o dma.o
+obj-$(CONFIG_BCM2708_GPIO) += bcm2708_gpio.o
obj-$(CONFIG_BCM2708_VCMEM) += vc_mem.o