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authorHugh Dickins <>2005-10-29 18:16:21 -0700
committerLinus Torvalds <>2005-10-29 21:40:40 -0700
commit872fec16d9a0ed3b75b8893aa217e49cca575ee5 (patch)
tree1dfc8b9f2754bdfff645188e497865c00201d535 /arch/frv/mm
parent46dea3d092d23a58b42499cc8a21de0fad079f4a (diff)
[PATCH] mm: init_mm without ptlock
First step in pushing down the page_table_lock. init_mm.page_table_lock has been used throughout the architectures (usually for ioremap): not to serialize kernel address space allocation (that's usually vmlist_lock), but because pud_alloc,pmd_alloc,pte_alloc_kernel expect caller holds it. Reverse that: don't lock or unlock init_mm.page_table_lock in any of the architectures; instead rely on pud_alloc,pmd_alloc,pte_alloc_kernel to take and drop it when allocating a new one, to check lest a racing task already did. Similarly no page_table_lock in vmalloc's map_vm_area. Some temporary ugliness in __pud_alloc and __pmd_alloc: since they also handle user mms, which are converted only by a later patch, for now they have to lock differently according to whether or not it's init_mm. If sources get muddled, there's a danger that an arch source taking init_mm.page_table_lock will be mixed with common source also taking it (or neither take it). So break the rules and make another change, which should break the build for such a mismatch: remove the redundant mm arg from pte_alloc_kernel (ppc64 scrapped its distinct ioremap_mm in 2.6.13). Exceptions: arm26 used pte_alloc_kernel on user mm, now pte_alloc_map; ia64 used pte_alloc_map on init_mm, now pte_alloc_kernel; parisc had bad args to pmd_alloc and pte_alloc_kernel in unused USE_HPPA_IOREMAP code; ppc64 map_io_page forgot to unlock on failure; ppc mmu_mapin_ram and ppc64 im_free took page_table_lock for no good reason. Signed-off-by: Hugh Dickins <> Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <> Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <>
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 4 deletions
diff --git a/arch/frv/mm/dma-alloc.c b/arch/frv/mm/dma-alloc.c
index cfc4f97490c6..342823aad758 100644
--- a/arch/frv/mm/dma-alloc.c
+++ b/arch/frv/mm/dma-alloc.c
@@ -55,21 +55,18 @@ static int map_page(unsigned long va, unsigned long pa, pgprot_t prot)
pte_t *pte;
int err = -ENOMEM;
- spin_lock(&init_mm.page_table_lock);
/* Use upper 10 bits of VA to index the first level map */
pge = pgd_offset_k(va);
pue = pud_offset(pge, va);
pme = pmd_offset(pue, va);
/* Use middle 10 bits of VA to index the second-level map */
- pte = pte_alloc_kernel(&init_mm, pme, va);
+ pte = pte_alloc_kernel(pme, va);
if (pte != 0) {
err = 0;
set_pte(pte, mk_pte_phys(pa & PAGE_MASK, prot));
- spin_unlock(&init_mm.page_table_lock);
return err;