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Pull networking fixes from David Miller: 1) Fix uninitialized variable warnings in nfnetlink_queue, a lot of people reported this... From Arnd Bergmann. 2) Don't init mutex twice in i40e driver, from Jesse Brandeburg. 3) Fix spurious EBUSY in rhashtable, from Herbert Xu. 4) Missing DMA unmaps in mvpp2 driver, from Marcin Wojtas. 5) Fix race with work structure access in pppoe driver causing corruptions, from Guillaume Nault. 6) Fix OOPS due to sh_eth_rx() not checking whether netdev_alloc_skb() actually succeeded or not, from Sergei Shtylyov. 7) Don't lose flags when settifn IFA_F_OPTIMISTIC in ipv6 code, from Bjørn Mork. 8) VXLAN_HD_RCO defined incorrectly, fix from Jiri Benc. 9) Fix clock source used for cookies in SCTP, from Marcelo Ricardo Leitner. 10) aurora driver needs HAS_DMA dependency, from Geert Uytterhoeven. 11) ndo_fill_metadata_dst op of vxlan has to handle ipv6 tunneling properly as well, from Jiri Benc. 12) Handle request sockets properly in xfrm layer, from Eric Dumazet. 13) Double stats update in ipv6 geneve transmit path, fix from Pravin B Shelar. 14) sk->sk_policy[] needs RCU protection, and as a result xfrm_policy_destroy() needs to free policies using an RCU grace period, from Eric Dumazet. 15) SCTP needs to clone ipv6 tx options in order to avoid use after free, from Eric Dumazet. 16) Missing kbuild export if ila.h, from Stephen Hemminger. 17) Missing mdiobus_alloc() return value checking in mdio-mux.c, from Tobias Klauser. 18) Validate protocol value range in ->create() methods, from Hannes Frederic Sowa. 19) Fix early socket demux races that result in illegal dst reuse, from Eric Dumazet. 20) Validate socket address length in pptp code, from WANG Cong. 21) skb_reorder_vlan_header() uses incorrect offset and can corrupt packets, from Vlad Yasevich. 22) Fix memory leaks in nl80211 registry code, from Ola Olsson. 23) Timeout loop count handing fixes in mISDN, xgbe, qlge, sfc, and qlcnic. From Dan Carpenter. 24) msg.msg_iocb needs to be cleared in recvfrom() otherwise, for example, AF_ALG will interpret it as an async call. From Tadeusz Struk. 25) inetpeer_set_addr_v4 forgets to initialize the 'vif' field, from Eric Dumazet. 26) rhashtable enforces the minimum table size not early enough, breaking how we calculate the per-cpu lock allocations. From Herbert Xu. 27) Fix FCC port lockup in 82xx driver, from Martin Roth. 28) FOU sockets need to be freed using RCU, from Hannes Frederic Sowa. 29) Fix out-of-bounds access in __skb_complete_tx_timestamp() and sock_setsockopt() wrt. timestamp handling. From WANG Cong. * git:// (117 commits) net: check both type and procotol for tcp sockets drivers: net: xgene: fix Tx flow control tcp: restore fastopen with no data in SYN packet af_unix: Revert 'lock_interruptible' in stream receive code fou: clean up socket with kfree_rcu 82xx: FCC: Fixing a bug causing to FCC port lock-up gianfar: Don't enable RX Filer if not supported net: fix warnings in 'make htmldocs' by moving macro definition out of field declaration rhashtable: Fix walker list corruption rhashtable: Enforce minimum size on initial hash table inet: tcp: fix inetpeer_set_addr_v4() ipv6: automatically enable stable privacy mode if stable_secret set net: fix uninitialized variable issue bluetooth: Validate socket address length in sco_sock_bind(). net_sched: make qdisc_tree_decrease_qlen() work for non mq ser_gigaset: remove unnecessary kfree() calls from release method ser_gigaset: fix deallocation of platform device structure ser_gigaset: turn nonsense checks into WARN_ON ser_gigaset: fix up NULL checks qlcnic: fix a timeout loop ...
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