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Merge tag 'dax-locking-for-4.7' of git://
Pull DAX locking updates from Ross Zwisler: "Filesystem DAX locking for 4.7 - We use a bit in an exceptional radix tree entry as a lock bit and use it similarly to how page lock is used for normal faults. This fixes races between hole instantiation and read faults of the same index. - Filesystem DAX PMD faults are disabled, and will be re-enabled when PMD locking is implemented" * tag 'dax-locking-for-4.7' of git:// dax: Remove i_mmap_lock protection dax: Use radix tree entry lock to protect cow faults dax: New fault locking dax: Allow DAX code to replace exceptional entries dax: Define DAX lock bit for radix tree exceptional entry dax: Make huge page handling depend of CONFIG_BROKEN dax: Fix condition for filling of PMD holes
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