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Merge branch 'slab/for-linus' of git://
Pull slab update from Pekka Enberg: "Highlights: - Fix for boot-time problems on some architectures due to init_lock_keys() not respecting kmalloc_caches boundaries (Christoph Lameter) - CONFIG_SLUB_CPU_PARTIAL requested by RT folks (Joonsoo Kim) - Fix for excessive slab freelist draining (Wanpeng Li) - SLUB and SLOB cleanups and fixes (various people)" I ended up editing the branch, and this avoids two commits at the end that were immediately reverted, and I instead just applied the oneliner fix in between myself. * 'slab/for-linus' of git:// slub: Check for page NULL before doing the node_match check mm/slab: Give s_next and s_stop slab-specific names slob: Check for NULL pointer before calling ctor() slub: Make cpu partial slab support configurable slab: add kmalloc() to kernel API documentation slab: fix init_lock_keys slob: use DIV_ROUND_UP where possible slub: do not put a slab to cpu partial list when cpu_partial is 0 mm/slub: Use node_nr_slabs and node_nr_objs in get_slabinfo mm/slub: Drop unnecessary nr_partials mm/slab: Fix /proc/slabinfo unwriteable for slab mm/slab: Sharing s_next and s_stop between slab and slub mm/slab: Fix drain freelist excessively slob: Rework #ifdeffery in slab.h mm, slab: moved kmem_cache_alloc_node comment to correct place
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diff --git a/init/Kconfig b/init/Kconfig
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--- a/init/Kconfig
+++ b/init/Kconfig
@@ -1596,6 +1596,17 @@ config SLOB
+ default y
+ depends on SLUB
+ bool "SLUB per cpu partial cache"
+ help
+ Per cpu partial caches accellerate objects allocation and freeing
+ that is local to a processor at the price of more indeterminism
+ in the latency of the free. On overflow these caches will be cleared
+ which requires the taking of locks that may cause latency spikes.
+ Typically one would choose no for a realtime system.
bool "Allow mmapped anonymous memory to be uninitialized"
depends on EXPERT && !MMU