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kbuild: fix if_change and friends to consider argument order
Currently, arg-check is implemented as follows: arg-check = $(strip $(filter-out $(cmd_$(1)), $(cmd_$@)) \ $(filter-out $(cmd_$@), $(cmd_$(1))) ) This does not care about the order of arguments that appear in $(cmd_$(1)) and $(cmd_$@). So, if_changed and friends never rebuild the target if only the argument order is changed. This is a problem when the link order is changed. Apparently, obj-y += foo.o obj-y += bar.o and obj-y += bar.o obj-y += foo.o should be distinguished because the link order determines the probe order of drivers. So, built-in.o should be rebuilt when the order of objects is changed. This commit fixes arg-check to compare the old/current commands including the argument order. Of course, this change has a side effect; Kbuild will react to the change of compile option order. For example, "-DFOO -DBAR" and "-DBAR -DFOO" should give no difference to the build result, but false positive should be better than false negative. I am moving space_escape to the top of Kbuild.include just for a matter of preference. In practical terms, space_escape can be defined after arg-check because arg-check uses "=" flavor, not ":=". Having said that, collecting convenient variables in one place makes sense from the point of readability. Chaining "%%%SPACE%%%" to "_-_SPACE_-_" is also a matter of taste at this point. Actually, it can be arbitrary as long as it is an unlikely used string. The only problem I see in "%%%SPACE%%%" is that "%" is a special character in "$(patsubst ...)" context. This commit just uses "$(subst ...)" for arg-check, but I am fixing it now in case we might want to use it in $(patsubst ...) context in the future. Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <> Signed-off-by: Michal Marek <>
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