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Jeff Kirsher says: ==================== This series contains updates to ixgbe and igb. The ixgbe changes contains 2 patches from the community, one which is a fix from akepner to fix a issue where netif_running() in shutdown was not done under rtnl_lock. The other community fix from Joe Perches cleans up #ifdef CONFIG_DEBUG_FS which is no longer necessary. The last ixgbe patch, from Jacob Keller, adds support for WoL on 82559 SFP+ LOM. The remaining patches are against igb, 10 of which were previously submitted in a pull request where changes were requested. The following igb patches: igb: Support for 100base-fx SFP igb: Support to read and export SFF-8472/8079 data are v2 based on feedback from Dan Carpenter and Ben Hutchings in the previous pull request. The largest set of changes are in my patch to cleanup code comments and whitespace to align the igb driver with the networking style of code comments. While cleaning up the code comments, fixed several other whitespace/ code formatting issues. Other notable igb patches are EEE capable devices query the PHY to determine what the link partner is advertising, added support for i354 devices and added support for spoofchk config. ==================== Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <>
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