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Merge branch 'bridge_vlan_cleanups_fixes'
Nikolay Aleksandrov says: ==================== bridge: vlan: cleanups & fixes This is the first follow-up set, patch 01 reduces the default rhashtable size and the number of locks that can be allocated. Patch 02 and 04 fix possible null pointer dereferences due to the new ordering and initialization on port add/del, and patch 03 moves the "pvid" member in the net_bridge_vlan_group struct in order to simplify code (similar to how it was with the older struct). Patch 05 fixes adding a vlan on a port which is pvid and doesn't have a global context yet. Please review carefully, I think this is the first use of rhashtable's "locks_mul" member in the tree and I'd like to make sure it's correct. Another thing that needs special attention is the nbp_vlan_flush() move after the rx_handler unregister. ==================== Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <>
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