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Merge branch 'x86-asmlinkage-for-linus' of git://
Pull x86 LTO changes from Peter Anvin: "More infrastructure work in preparation for link-time optimization (LTO). Most of these changes is to make sure symbols accessed from assembly code are properly marked as visible so the linker doesn't remove them. My understanding is that the changes to support LTO are still not upstream in binutils, but are on the way there. This patchset should conclude the x86-specific changes, and remaining patches to actually enable LTO will be fed through the Kbuild tree (other than keeping up with changes to the x86 code base, of course), although not necessarily in this merge window" * 'x86-asmlinkage-for-linus' of git:// (25 commits) Kbuild, lto: Handle basic LTO in modpost Kbuild, lto: Disable LTO for asm-offsets.c Kbuild, lto: Add a gcc-ld script to let run gcc as ld Kbuild, lto: add ld-version and ld-ifversion macros Kbuild, lto: Drop .number postfixes in modpost Kbuild, lto, workaround: Don't warn for initcall_reference in modpost lto: Disable LTO for sys_ni lto: Handle LTO common symbols in module loader lto, workaround: Add workaround for initcall reordering lto: Make asmlinkage __visible x86, lto: Disable LTO for the x86 VDSO initconst, x86: Fix initconst mistake in ts5500 code initconst: Fix initconst mistake in dcdbas asmlinkage: Make trace_hardirqs_on/off_caller visible asmlinkage, x86: Fix 32bit memcpy for LTO asmlinkage Make __stack_chk_failed and memcmp visible asmlinkage: Mark rwsem functions that can be called from assembler asmlinkage asmlinkage: Make main_extable_sort_needed visible asmlinkage, mutex: Mark __visible asmlinkage: Make trace_hardirq visible ...
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diff --git a/scripts/Kbuild.include b/scripts/Kbuild.include
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--- a/scripts/Kbuild.include
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@@ -155,6 +155,15 @@ ld-option = $(call try-run,\
# Important: no spaces around options
ar-option = $(call try-run, $(AR) rc$(1) "$$TMP",$(1),$(2))
+# ld-version
+# Usage: $(call ld-version)
+# Note this is mainly for HJ Lu's 3 number binutil versions
+ld-version = $(shell $(LD) --version | $(srctree)/scripts/
+# ld-ifversion
+# Usage: $(call ld-ifversion, -ge, 22252, y)
+ld-ifversion = $(shell [ $(call ld-version) $(1) $(2) ] && echo $(3))