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authorLinus Torvalds <>2015-07-04 19:36:06 -0700
committerLinus Torvalds <>2015-07-04 19:36:06 -0700
commit1dc51b8288007753ad7cd7d08bb8fa930fc8bb10 (patch)
tree0616c0ff7d877e64d9c248a6cdff074eae258840 /security/inode.c
parent9b284cbdb5de3b8871014f8290d1b540e5181c21 (diff)
parent0f1db7dee200127da4c07928189748918c312031 (diff)
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Pull more vfs updates from Al Viro: "Assorted VFS fixes and related cleanups (IMO the most interesting in that part are f_path-related things and Eric's descriptor-related stuff). UFS regression fixes (it got broken last cycle). 9P fixes. fs-cache series, DAX patches, Jan's file_remove_suid() work" [ I'd say this is much more than "fixes and related cleanups". The file_table locking rule change by Eric Dumazet is a rather big and fundamental update even if the patch isn't huge. - Linus ] * 'for-linus' of git:// (49 commits) 9p: cope with bogus responses from server in p9_client_{read,write} p9_client_write(): avoid double p9_free_req() 9p: forgetting to cancel request on interrupted zero-copy RPC dax: bdev_direct_access() may sleep block: Add support for DAX reads/writes to block devices dax: Use copy_from_iter_nocache dax: Add block size note to documentation fs/file.c: __fget() and dup2() atomicity rules fs/file.c: don't acquire files->file_lock in fd_install() fs:super:get_anon_bdev: fix race condition could cause dev exceed its upper limitation vfs: avoid creation of inode number 0 in get_next_ino namei: make set_root_rcu() return void make simple_positive() public ufs: use dir_pages instead of ufs_dir_pages() pagemap.h: move dir_pages() over there remove the pointless include of lglock.h fs: cleanup slight list_entry abuse xfs: Correctly lock inode when removing suid and file capabilities fs: Call security_ops->inode_killpriv on truncate fs: Provide function telling whether file_remove_privs() will do anything ...
Diffstat (limited to 'security/inode.c')
1 files changed, 6 insertions, 13 deletions
diff --git a/security/inode.c b/security/inode.c
index 0e37e4fba8fa..16622aef9bde 100644
--- a/security/inode.c
+++ b/security/inode.c
@@ -25,11 +25,6 @@
static struct vfsmount *mount;
static int mount_count;
-static inline int positive(struct dentry *dentry)
- return d_really_is_positive(dentry) && !d_unhashed(dentry);
static int fill_super(struct super_block *sb, void *data, int silent)
static struct tree_descr files[] = {{""}};
@@ -201,14 +196,12 @@ void securityfs_remove(struct dentry *dentry)
- if (positive(dentry)) {
- if (d_really_is_positive(dentry)) {
- if (d_is_dir(dentry))
- simple_rmdir(d_inode(parent), dentry);
- else
- simple_unlink(d_inode(parent), dentry);
- dput(dentry);
- }
+ if (simple_positive(dentry)) {
+ if (d_is_dir(dentry))
+ simple_rmdir(d_inode(parent), dentry);
+ else
+ simple_unlink(d_inode(parent), dentry);
+ dput(dentry);
simple_release_fs(&mount, &mount_count);