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perf tools: Makefile: Remove various and sundry cruft
This commit squashes several commits that remove: unnecessary uname calls `sh -c' BUILT_INS and QUIET_BUILT_IN They have no effect, and the `fixup-builtins' and `' scripts don't even exist. RUNTIME_PREFIX It's currently never anything but unset, and it's apparently only meaningful when Microsoft Windows is the operating system (according to the source for git). TEST_PROGRAMS EXTRA_PROGRAMS unused SHELL_PATH_SQ portions unused test for V=2 useless exports Only when `V' is undefined (that is, only when the value of `V' is empty) is `export V' performed, which just has the effect of placing the empty-valued variable `V' in the environment. The only other script to make use of `V' is `Documentation/Makefile', which only checks whether `V' is undefined (that is, whether the value of `V' is empty); hence, the `export V' has no effect whatsoever. Similarly, `export QUIET_GEN' is useless because it will only have a non-empty value when `V' has an empty-value, and when `V' has an empty-value, `QUIET_GEN' is always explicitly set in every script in which it is used. `DESTDIR' is only ever defined by the user via the environment or the command line, both of which are automatically exported to sub-make processes. Furthermore, no non-make sub-scripts make use of `DESTDIR' as an environment variable. No other scripts use `perfexec_instdir'. unused QUIET_SUBDIR{0,1} TAR and RPMBUILD PTHREAD_LIBS Maintainer's dist rules and commands distclean target Test suite coverage testing PRINT_DIR and NO_SUBDIR `configure' target NO_CURL @@PERF_VERSION@@ substitution Without the sed command, all of the rule's commands can be reduced to a single line that copies a file and sets the permissions properly in the process. `make test' echo line template_instdir PERF-BUILD-OPTIONS double-colon rules The use of double-colon rules seems misguided or vestigial git. Essentially hard-coded $(SCRIPTS) expansion Signed-off-by: Michael Witten <> LKML-Reference: <new-submission> Signed-off-by: Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo <>
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