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@@ -213,15 +213,12 @@ To create an L2TPv3 ethernet pseudowire between local host
and peer, using IP addresses and for the
tunnel endpoints:-
-# modprobe l2tp_eth
-# modprobe l2tp_netlink
# ip l2tp add tunnel tunnel_id 1 peer_tunnel_id 1 udp_sport 5000 \
udp_dport 5000 encap udp local remote
# ip l2tp add session tunnel_id 1 session_id 1 peer_session_id 1
-# ifconfig -a
+# ip -s -d show dev l2tpeth0
# ip addr add peer dev l2tpeth0
-# ifconfig l2tpeth0 up
+# ip li set dev l2tpeth0 up
Choose IP addresses to be the address of a local IP interface and that
of the remote system. The IP addresses of the l2tpeth0 interface can be