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the access permitted if it wouldn't be otherwise. Note that this
is dangerous and can ruin the proper labeling of your system.
It should never be used in production.
+ This interface contains a list of labels to which the process can
+ transition to, by writing to /proc/self/attr/current.
+ Normally a process can change its own label to any legal value, but only
+ if it has CAP_MAC_ADMIN. This interface allows a process without
+ CAP_MAC_ADMIN to relabel itself to one of labels from predefined list.
+ A process without CAP_MAC_ADMIN can change its label only once. When it
+ does, this list will be cleared.
+ The values are set by writing the desired labels, separated
+ by spaces, to the file or cleared by writing "-" to the file.
If you are using the smackload utility
you can add access rules in /etc/smack/accesses. They take the form: