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@@ -439,11 +439,13 @@ Modem control lines via GPIO
Some helpers are provided in order to set/get modem control lines via GPIO.
-mctrl_gpio_init(dev, idx):
+mctrl_gpio_init(port, idx):
This will get the {cts,rts,...}-gpios from device tree if they are
present and request them, set direction etc, and return an
allocated structure. devm_* functions are used, so there's no need
to call mctrl_gpio_free().
+ As this sets up the irq handling make sure to not handle changes to the
+ gpio input lines in your driver, too.
mctrl_gpio_free(dev, gpios):
This will free the requested gpios in mctrl_gpio_init().
@@ -458,3 +460,9 @@ mctrl_gpio_set(gpios, mctrl):
mctrl_gpio_get(gpios, mctrl):
This will update mctrl with the gpios values.
+ Enables irqs and handling of changes to the ms lines.
+ Disables irqs and handling of changes to the ms lines.