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@@ -179,12 +179,14 @@ is enabled for all the sampling events. The sampled branch type is the same for
The various filters must be specified as a comma separated list: --branch-filter any_ret,u,k
Note that this feature may not be available on all processors.
Enable weightened sampling. An additional weight is recorded per sample and can be
displayed with the weight and local_weight sort keys. This currently works for TSX
abort events and some memory events in precise mode on modern Intel CPUs.
+Record transaction flags for transaction related events.
linkperf:perf-stat[1], linkperf:perf-list[1]
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@@ -72,6 +72,10 @@ OPTIONS
- cpu: cpu number the task ran at the time of sample
- srcline: filename and line number executed at the time of sample. The
DWARF debugging info must be provided.
+ - weight: Event specific weight, e.g. memory latency or transaction
+ abort cost. This is the global weight.
+ - local_weight: Local weight version of the weight above.
+ - transaction: Transaction abort flags.
By default, comm, dso and symbol keys are used.
(i.e. --sort comm,dso,symbol)
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@@ -113,7 +113,7 @@ Default is to monitor all CPUS.
Sort by key(s): pid, comm, dso, symbol, parent, srcline, weight,
- local_weight, abort, in_tx
+ local_weight, abort, in_tx, transaction