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+#ifndef COLOR_H
+#define COLOR_H
+/* "\033[1;38;5;2xx;48;5;2xxm\0" is 23 bytes */
+#define COLOR_MAXLEN 24
+#define PERF_COLOR_RESET "\033[m"
+#define PERF_COLOR_BOLD "\033[1m"
+#define PERF_COLOR_RED "\033[31m"
+#define PERF_COLOR_GREEN "\033[32m"
+#define PERF_COLOR_YELLOW "\033[33m"
+#define PERF_COLOR_BLUE "\033[34m"
+#define PERF_COLOR_MAGENTA "\033[35m"
+#define PERF_COLOR_CYAN "\033[36m"
+#define PERF_COLOR_BG_RED "\033[41m"
+ * This variable stores the value of color.ui
+ */
+extern int perf_use_color_default;
+ * Use this instead of perf_default_config if you need the value of color.ui.
+ */
+int perf_color_default_config(const char *var, const char *value, void *cb);
+int perf_config_colorbool(const char *var, const char *value, int stdout_is_tty);
+void color_parse(const char *value, const char *var, char *dst);
+void color_parse_mem(const char *value, int len, const char *var, char *dst);
+int color_fprintf(FILE *fp, const char *color, const char *fmt, ...);
+int color_fprintf_ln(FILE *fp, const char *color, const char *fmt, ...);
+int color_fwrite_lines(FILE *fp, const char *color, size_t count, const char *buf);
+#endif /* COLOR_H */