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@@ -98,6 +98,52 @@ Given a $HOME/.perfconfig like this:
order = caller
sort-key = function
+ The variables for customizing the colors used in the output for the
+ 'report', 'top' and 'annotate' in the TUI. They should specify the
+ foreground and background colors, separated by a comma, for example:
+ medium = green, lightgray
+ If you want to use the color configured for you terminal, just leave it
+ as 'default', for example:
+ medium = default, lightgray
+ Available colors:
+ red, yellow, green, cyan, gray, black, blue,
+ white, default, magenta, lightgray
+ 'top' means a overhead percentage which is more than 5%.
+ And values of this variable specify percentage colors.
+ Basic key values are foreground-color 'red' and
+ background-color 'default'.
+ colors.medium::
+ 'medium' means a overhead percentage which has more than 0.5%.
+ Default values are 'green' and 'default'.
+ colors.normal::
+ 'normal' means the rest of overhead percentages
+ except 'top', 'medium', 'selected'.
+ Default values are 'lightgray' and 'default'.
+ colors.selected::
+ This selects the colors for the current entry in a list of entries
+ from sub-commands (top, report, annotate).
+ Default values are 'black' and 'lightgray'.
+ colors.jump_arrows::
+ Colors for jump arrows on assembly code listings
+ such as 'jns', 'jmp', 'jane', etc.
+ Default values are 'blue', 'default'.
+ colors.addr::
+ This selects colors for addresses from 'annotate'.
+ Default values are 'magenta', 'default'.
+ colors.root::
+ Colors for headers in the output of a sub-commands (top, report).
+ Default values are 'white', 'blue'.