path: root/arch/arm/mach-bcm2708/power.c
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2015-05-18BCM270x: Use bcm2708-vcioNoralf Trønnes1-1/+1
Use bcm2708-vcio instead of the arch version. Change affected drivers to use linux/platform_data/mailbox-bcm2708.h Signed-off-by: Noralf Trønnes <>
2015-05-18BCM270x: power: Change initcall level to subsysNoralf Trønnes1-1/+5
Load ordering of modules are determined by the initcall used. If it's the same initcall level, makefile ordering decides. Now that the mailbox driver is being moved, it's no longer placed before the power driver by the linker. So use a later initcall level to let the mailbox driver load first. Signed-off-by: Noralf Trønnes <>
2015-05-18Main bcm2708 linux portpopcornmix1-0/+197
Signed-off-by: popcornmix <>