path: root/arch/mips/include/asm/pgtable-bits.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2016-05-13MIPS: Allow RIXI to be used on non-R2 or R6 coresFlorian Fainelli1-4/+4
2016-05-13MIPS: mm: Fix MIPS32 36b physical addressing (alchemy, netlogic)Paul Burton1-4/+25
2016-05-13MIPS: mm: Standardise on _PAGE_NO_READ, drop _PAGE_READPaul Burton1-15/+4
2016-05-13MIPS: Use enums to make asm/pgtable-bits.h readablePaul Burton1-108/+81
2016-05-13MIPS: Remove redundant asm/pgtable-bits.h inclusionsPaul Burton1-2/+0
2016-01-15mips, thp: remove infrastructure for handling splitting PMDsKirill A. Shutemov1-6/+4
2015-09-03Merge branch '4.2-fixes' into mips-for-linux-nextRalf Baechle1-14/+9
2015-09-03MIPS: Use Ingenic-specific write combine attribute on all Ingenic platformsAlex Smith1-1/+1
2015-08-30MIPS: pgtable-bits.h: Correct _PAGE_GLOBAL_SHIFT build failureMaciej W. Rozycki1-14/+9
2015-06-09MIPS: pgtable-bits: Fix XPA damage to R6 definitions.Markos Chandras1-7/+7
2015-03-19MIPS: Add support for XPA.Steven J. Hill1-2/+11
2015-03-18MIPS: Rearrange PTE bits into fixed positions.Steven J. Hill1-28/+55
2015-02-21Merge branch 'upstream' of git:// Torvalds1-51/+32
2015-02-19MIPS: Usage and cosmetic cleanups of page table bits.Steven J. Hill1-60/+36
2015-02-10mips: drop _PAGE_FILE and pte_file()-related helpersKirill A. Shutemov1-9/+0
2014-11-24MIPS: Cosmetic cleanups of page table headers.Steven J. Hill1-15/+17
2014-11-24MIPS: Replace MIPS-specific 64BIT_PHYS_ADDR with generic PHYS_ADDR_T_64BITRalf Baechle1-2/+2
2014-09-22MIPS: pgtable-bits: Define the CCA bit for WC writes on Ingenic coresMarkos Chandras1-0/+5
2014-09-22MIPS: pgtable-bits: Move the CCA bits out of the core's ifdef blocksMarkos Chandras1-16/+25
2014-03-31MIPS: Loongson: Add basic Loongson-3 definitionHuacai Chen1-0/+9
2013-02-01MIPS: Whitespace cleanup.Ralf Baechle1-20/+20
2013-02-01MIPS: Nuke trailing whitespace.Ralf Baechle1-1/+1
2012-12-13MIPS: PMC-Sierra Yosemite: Remove support.Ralf Baechle1-14/+0
2012-12-12MIPS: Transparent Huge Pages supportRalf Baechle1-1/+10
2012-12-12MIPS: Control huge tlb support via Kconfig symbol MIPS_HUGE_TLB_SUPPORTDavid Daney1-1/+1
2012-11-26MIPS: tlbex: Better debug output.Ralf Baechle1-35/+69
2012-09-13MIPS: Replace 'kernel_uses_smartmips_rixi' with 'cpu_has_rixi'.Steven J. Hill1-9/+9
2010-02-27MIPS: Implement Read Inhibit/eXecute InhibitDavid Daney1-15/+105
2009-06-17MIPS: Add hugetlbfs page defines.David Daney1-0/+1
2008-10-11MIPS: Move headfiles to new location below arch/mips/includeRalf Baechle1-0/+137