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2014-09-26MIPS: Fix MFC1 & MFHC1 emulation for 64-bit MIPS systemsPaul Burton1-3/+3
2014-07-30MIPS: math-emu: Fix instruction decoding.Rob Kendrick1-1/+1
2014-05-30MIPS: OCTEON: Enable use of FPUDavid Daney1-1/+5
2014-05-30MIPS: math-emu: Add IEEE754 exception statistics to debugfsDeng-Cheng Zhu1-9/+27
2014-05-23MIPS: math-emu: Reduce microMIPS bloat.Ralf Baechle1-0/+7
2014-05-23MIPS: math-emu: Switch to using the MIPS rounding modes.Ralf Baechle1-28/+7
2014-05-23MIPS: Sort out mm_isBranchInstr.Ralf Baechle1-201/+0
2014-05-23MIPS: math-emu: Cleanup coding style.Ralf Baechle1-177/+121
2014-05-23MIPS: math-emu: Convert debug printks to pr_debug getting.Ralf Baechle1-10/+6
2014-05-21MIPS: math-emu: Remove most ifdefery.Ralf Baechle1-76/+128
2014-05-21MIPS: math-emu: Reformat code according to coding style.Ralf Baechle1-19/+23
2014-05-21MIPS: math-emu: Move all debug fs code to a separate file.Ralf Baechle1-56/+1
2014-05-21MIPS: math-emu: Header file weeding.Ralf Baechle1-6/+4
2014-05-21MIPS: math-emu: Use helpers to manipulate CAUSEF_BD flag.Ralf Baechle1-7/+7
2014-05-21MIPS: math-emu: Get rid of typedefs.Ralf Baechle1-33/+33
2014-03-31Merge branch '3.14-fixes' into mips-for-linux-nextRalf Baechle1-3/+3
2014-03-26MIPS: Clear upper bits of FP registers on emulator writesPaul Burton1-5/+20
2014-03-26MIPS: Simplify FP context accessPaul Burton1-13/+24
2014-03-11MIPS: math-emu: Fix prefx detection and COP1X function field definitionDeng-Cheng Zhu1-3/+3
2014-01-13MIPS: Support for 64-bit FP with O32 binariesPaul Burton1-5/+5
2014-01-13MIPS: microMIPS: mfhc1 & mthc1 support for the FPU emulatorSteven J. Hill1-1/+7
2014-01-13MIPS: math-emu: Add mfhc1 & mthc1 support.Leonid Yegoshin1-0/+24
2013-08-26MIPS: Remove unreachable break statements from cp1emu.cDavid Daney1-27/+0
2013-08-20MIPS: Handle OCTEON BBIT instructions in FPU emulator.David Daney1-0/+26
2013-07-01MIPS: Don't try to decode microMIPS branch instructions where they cannot exist.David Daney1-0/+3
2013-05-09MIPS: microMIPS: Floating point support.Leonid Yegoshin1-89/+830
2013-02-01MIPS: Whitespace cleanup.Ralf Baechle1-4/+4
2012-12-13MIPS: Fix for warning from FPU emulation codeRalf Baechle1-7/+8
2011-12-07MIPS Kprobes: Refactor branch emulationManeesh Soni1-1/+1
2011-07-01perf: Remove the nmi parameter from the swevent and overflow interfacePeter Zijlstra1-2/+1
2010-12-16MIPS: Send proper signal and siginfo on FP emulator faults.David Daney1-21/+95
2010-10-29MIPS: add support for software performance eventsDeng-Cheng Zhu1-0/+3
2010-10-18Update broken web addresses in arch directory.Justin P. Mattock1-1/+0
2010-05-21MIPS: Coding style cleanups of access of FCSR rounding mode bitsShane McDonald1-5/+6
2010-05-15 MIPS FPU emulator: allow Cause bits of FCSR to be writeable by ctc1Shane McDonald1-4/+11
2009-12-17MIPS: Collect FPU emulator statistics per-CPU.David Daney1-41/+61
2009-11-13MIPS: Fix emulation of 64-bit FPU on FPU-less 64-bit CPUs.David Daney1-20/+21
2008-10-30MIPS: Switch FPU emulator trap to BREAK instruction.Ralf Baechle1-4/+0
2008-10-27MIPS: Fix debugfs_create_*'s error checking method for arch/mips/math-emu/Zhaolei1-4/+4
2007-10-11[MIPS] checkfiles: Fix "need space after that ','" errors.Ralf Baechle1-12/+12
2007-10-11[MIPS] Fix "no space between function name and open parenthesis" warnings.Ralf Baechle1-4/+4
2007-07-13[MIPS] math-emu minor cleanupAtsushi Nemoto1-10/+9
2007-07-10[MIPS] Add debugfs files to show fpuemu statisticsAtsushi Nemoto1-0/+34
2006-10-09[MIPS] Make sure cpu_has_fpu is used only in atomic contextAtsushi Nemoto1-4/+3
2006-06-19[MIPS] Unify mips_fpu_soft_struct and mips_fpu_hard_structs.Atsushi Nemoto1-8/+7
2005-10-29Get rid of SINGLE_ONLY_FPU. Linux does not support half FPU other thanRalf Baechle1-62/+8
2005-10-29Fix all the get_user / put_user related sparse warnings.Ralf Baechle1-15/+15
2005-10-29FPU emulator garbage collection.Ralf Baechle1-1/+1
2005-10-29GCC bulletproofing: __mips64 is only defined when compiling for 64-bitRalf Baechle1-6/+6
2005-10-29Now that a struct is the only member left in structRalf Baechle1-24/+24