path: root/arch/powerpc/include/asm/book3s/64/pgtable-64k.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2016-05-11powerpc/mm/radix: Add THP support for 4K linux page sizeAneesh Kumar K.V1-25/+0
2016-05-11powerpc/mm/radix: Add radix THP callbacksAneesh Kumar K.V1-0/+2
2016-05-11powerpc/mm/thp: Abstraction for THP functionsAneesh Kumar K.V1-36/+6
2016-05-01powerpc/mm/radix: Add radix callback for pmd accessorsAneesh Kumar K.V1-0/+23
2016-05-01powerpc/mm: Move hugetlb and THP related pmd accessors to pgtable.hAneesh Kumar K.V1-0/+94