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2009-09-22ocfs2: Add preserve to reflink.Tao Ma3-22/+119
2009-09-22ocfs2: Create reflinked file in orphan dir.Tao Ma2-0/+274
2009-09-22ocfs2: Use proper parameter for some inode operation.Tao Ma1-15/+17
2009-09-22ocfs2: Make transaction extend more efficient.Tao Ma1-2/+10
2009-09-22ocfs2: Don't merge in 1st refcount ops of reflink.Tao Ma1-20/+36
2009-09-22ocfs2: Modify removing xattr process for refcount.Tao Ma1-36/+154
2009-09-22ocfs2: Add reflink support for xattr.Tao Ma4-12/+945
2009-09-22ocfs2: Create an xattr indexed block if needed.Tao Ma1-2/+14
2009-09-22ocfs2: Call refcount tree remove process properly.Tao Ma6-0/+73
2009-09-22ocfs2: Attach xattr clusters to refcount tree.Tao Ma4-4/+329
2009-09-22ocfs2: Abstract ocfs2 xattr tree extend rec iteration process.Tao Ma1-71/+76
2009-09-22ocfs2: Abstract the creation of xattr block.Tao Ma1-45/+70
2009-09-22ocfs2: Remove inode from ocfs2_xattr_bucket_get_name_value.Tao Ma1-10/+10
2009-09-22ocfs2: Add CoW support for xattr.Tao Ma3-15/+494
2009-09-22ocfs2: Abstract duplicate clusters process in CoW.Tao Ma1-56/+71
2009-09-22ocfs2: Return extent flags for xattr value tree.Tao Ma3-5/+11
2009-09-22ocfs2: handle file attributes issue for reflink.Tao Ma1-2/+120
2009-09-22ocfs2: Add normal functions for reflink a normal file's extents.Tao Ma1-0/+286
2009-09-22ocfs2: CoW a reflinked cluster when it is truncated.Tao Ma4-14/+70
2009-09-22ocfs2: Integrate CoW in file write.Tao Ma3-1/+104
2009-09-22ocfs2: CoW refcount tree improvement.Tao Ma3-28/+81
2009-09-22ocfs2: Add CoW support.Tao Ma6-11/+841
2009-09-22ocfs2: Decrement refcount when truncating refcounted extents.Tao Ma4-7/+290
2009-09-22ocfs2: Add functions for extents refcounted.Tao Ma4-6/+58
2009-09-22ocfs2: Add support of decrementing refcount for delete.Tao Ma4-5/+265
2009-09-22ocfs2: Add support for incrementing refcount in the tree.Tao Ma4-7/+1073
2009-09-22ocfs2: move tree path functions to alloc.h.Tao Ma2-53/+72
2009-09-22ocfs2: Add refcount b-tree as a new extent tree.Tao Ma2-0/+57
2009-09-22ocfs2: Abstract extent split process.Tao Ma1-50/+100
2009-09-22ocfs2: Wrap ocfs2_extent_contig in ocfs2_extent_tree.Tao Ma1-16/+41
2009-09-22ocfs2: Basic tree root operation.Tao Ma2-6/+353
2009-09-22ocfs2: Add refcount tree lock mechanism.Tao Ma4-0/+375
2009-09-22ocfs2: Add caching info for refcount tree.Tao Ma1-0/+59
2009-09-22ocfs2: Add new refcount tree lock resource in dlmglue.Tao Ma4-0/+127
2009-09-22ocfs2: Abstract caching info checkpoint.Tao Ma1-5/+13
2009-09-22ocfs2: Add ocfs2_read_refcount_block.Tao Ma5-0/+105
2009-09-22ocfs2: Add metaecc for ocfs2_refcount_block.Tao Ma2-0/+18
2009-09-22ocfs2: Define refcount tree structure.Tao Ma1-3/+85
2009-09-22Merge branch 'for-2.6.32' of git:// Torvalds15-612/+783
2009-09-22Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds9-9/+9
2009-09-22mm: move use_mm/unuse_mm from aio.c to mm/Michael S. Tsirkin1-46/+1
2009-09-22hugetlbfs: allow the creation of files suitable for MAP_PRIVATE on the vfs in...Eric B Munson1-4/+17
2009-09-22tmpfs: depend on shmemHugh Dickins1-0/+1
2009-09-22mm: add get_dump_pageHugh Dickins2-67/+33
2009-09-22oom: fix oom_adjust_write() input sanity checkKOSAKI Motohiro1-8/+10
2009-09-22oom: make oom_score to per-process valueKOSAKI Motohiro1-1/+1
2009-09-22oom: move oom_adj value from task_struct to signal_structKOSAKI Motohiro1-4/+20
2009-09-22mm: replace various uses of num_physpages by totalram_pagesJan Beulich1-1/+1
2009-09-22kcore: /proc/kcore should use vreadKAMEZAWA Hiroyuki1-33/+2
2009-09-22pagemap clear_refs: modify to specify anon or mapped vma clearingMoussa A. Ba1-4/+24