path: root/include/linux/skbuff.h
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2016-07-01net_sched: fix mirrored packets checksumWANG Cong1-0/+19
2016-07-01packet: Use symmetric hash for PACKET_FANOUT_HASH.David S. Miller1-0/+1
2016-05-20net: suppress warnings on dev_alloc_skbNeil Horman1-2/+2
2016-05-20net: define gso types for IPx over IPv4 and IPv6Tom Herbert1-2/+2
2016-05-03net: relax expensive skb_unclone() in iptunnel_handle_offloads()Eric Dumazet1-0/+10
2016-04-28tcp: remove SKBTX_ACK_TSTAMP since it is redundantSoheil Hassas Yeganeh1-5/+1
2016-04-25skbuff: Add pskb_extract() helper functionSowmini Varadhan1-0/+2
2016-04-14GSO: Support partial segmentation offloadAlexander Duyck1-2/+7
2016-04-14GSO: Add GSO type for fixed IPv4 IDAlexander Duyck1-9/+11
2016-04-05udp: enable MSG_PEEK at non-zero offsetsamanthakumar1-1/+6
2016-03-08Merge git:// S. Miller1-0/+24
2016-03-03mld, igmp: Fix reserved tailroom calculationBenjamin Poirier1-0/+24
2016-03-01net: remove skb_sender_cpu_clear()WANG Cong1-4/+0
2016-02-23Merge git:// S. Miller1-0/+1
2016-02-21bpf: try harder on clones when writing into skbDaniel Borkmann1-0/+7
2016-02-18net: Optimize local checksum offloadAlexander Duyck1-9/+8
2016-02-12Documentation/networking: add checksum-offloads.txt to explain LCOEdward Cree1-0/+2
2016-02-12net: local checksum offload for encapsulationEdward Cree1-0/+24
2016-02-11net: bulk free SKBs that were delay free'ed due to IRQ contextJesper Dangaard Brouer1-0/+1
2016-02-11net: bulk free infrastructure for NAPI context, use napi_consume_skbJesper Dangaard Brouer1-0/+3
2016-02-11net: Store checksum result for offloaded GSO checksumsAlexander Duyck1-0/+15
2016-02-11net: Move GSO csum into SKB_GSO_CBAlexander Duyck1-7/+7
2016-02-09net:Add sysctl_max_skb_fragsHans Westgaard Ry1-0/+1
2016-01-15net: preserve IP control block during GSO segmentationKonstantin Khlebnikov1-1/+2
2016-01-10bpf: add skb_postpush_rcsum and fix dev_forward_skb occasionsDaniel Borkmann1-0/+17
2015-12-15net: Elaborate on checksum offload interface descriptionTom Herbert1-29/+109
2015-12-15net: Add skb_inner_transport_offset functionTom Herbert1-0/+5
2015-12-14net: Fix typo in skb_fclone_busyMasanari Iida1-1/+1
2015-12-06core: enable more fine-grained datagram reception controlRainer Weikusat1-0/+6
2015-11-18net: better skb->sender_cpu and skb->napi_id cohabitationEric Dumazet1-3/+0
2015-11-06mm, page_alloc: distinguish between being unable to sleep, unwilling to sleep...Mel Gorman1-3/+3
2015-10-21tcp: skb_mstamp_after helperYuchung Cheng1-0/+9
2015-09-29skbuff: Fix skb checksum partial check.Pravin B Shelar1-1/+1
2015-09-24skbuff: Fix skb checksum flag on skb pullPravin B Shelar1-0/+3
2015-09-14netfilter: bridge: fix routing of bridge frames with call-iptables=1Florian Westphal1-3/+3
2015-09-01flow_dissector: Use 'const' where possible.David S. Miller1-4/+4
2015-09-01flow_dissector: Fix function argument ordering dependencyTom Herbert1-4/+4
2015-09-01flow_dissector: Add flags argument to skb_flow_dissector functionsTom Herbert1-8/+11
2015-09-01flowi: Abstract out functions to get flow hash based on flowiTom Herbert1-4/+12
2015-09-01skbuff: Make __skb_set_sw_hash a general functionTom Herbert1-16/+29
2015-09-01flow_dissector: Move skb related functions to skbuff.hTom Herbert1-0/+47
2015-08-27Merge git:// S. Miller1-9/+5
2015-08-21mm: make page pfmemalloc check more robustMichal Hocko1-9/+5
2015-08-13Merge git:// S. Miller1-3/+3
2015-08-10net-timestamp: Update skb_complete_tx_timestamp commentBenjamin Poirier1-3/+3
2015-08-04Merge git:// S. Miller1-6/+13
2015-07-31net: Add functions to get skb->hash based on flow structuresTom Herbert1-0/+21
2015-07-30netfilter: bridge: reduce nf_bridge_info to 32 bytes againFlorian Westphal1-6/+13
2015-07-21vxlan: Flow based tunnelingThomas Graf1-0/+1
2015-07-20net: remove skb_frag_add_headJiri Benc1-6/+0