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2015-05-13ipv4: Missing sk_nulls_node_init() in ping_unhash().David S. Miller1-0/+1
2015-05-13route: Use ipv4_mtu instead of raw rt_pmtuHerbert Xu1-4/+1
2015-05-06netfilter: bridge: really save frag_max_size between PRE and POST_ROUTINGFlorian Westphal1-2/+15
2015-05-06mac80211: send AP probe as unicast againJohannes Berg1-1/+1
2015-05-06net: rfs: fix crash in get_rps_cpus()Eric Dumazet1-6/+6
2015-05-06net: fix crash in build_skb()Eric Dumazet2-13/+24
2015-05-06net: do not deplete pfmemalloc reserveEric Dumazet1-2/+7
2015-05-06tcp: avoid looping in tcp_send_fin()Eric Dumazet1-21/+29
2015-05-06tcp: fix possible deadlock in tcp_send_fin()Eric Dumazet1-1/+19
2015-05-06ip_forward: Drop frames with attached skb->skSebastian Pöhn1-0/+3
2015-04-29skbuff: Do not scrub skb mark within the same name spaceHerbert Xu1-3/+6
2015-04-29Revert "net: Reset secmark when scrubbing packet"Herbert Xu1-1/+0
2015-04-29tcp: tcp_make_synack() should clear skb->tstampEric Dumazet1-0/+2
2015-04-29udptunnels: Call handle_offloads after inserting vlan tag.Jesse Gross1-4/+4
2015-04-07Revert "libceph: use memalloc flags for net IO"Ilya Dryomov1-8/+1
2015-04-06net: dsa: fix filling routing table from OF descriptionPavel Nakonechny1-16/+7
2015-04-06l2tp: unregister l2tp_net_ops on failure pathWANG Cong1-0/+1
2015-04-06ipv6: protect skb->sk accesses from recursive dereference inside the stackhannes@stressinduktion.org3-2/+24
2015-04-03netns: don't allocate an id for dead netnsNicolas Dichtel1-1/+3
2015-04-03Revert "netns: don't clear nsid too early on removal"Nicolas Dichtel1-15/+9
2015-04-02ip6mr: call del_timer_sync() in ip6mr_free_table()WANG Cong1-1/+1
2015-04-02net: move fib_rules_unregister() under rtnl lockWANG Cong6-5/+8
2015-04-02ipv4: take rtnl_lock and mark mrt table as freed on namespace cleanupWANG Cong1-0/+5
2015-04-02tcp: fix FRTO undo on cumulative ACK of SACKed rangeNeal Cardwell1-3/+4
2015-04-02Merge git:// Torvalds13-28/+55
2015-04-01Merge tag 'mac80211-for-davem-2015-04-01' of git:// S. Miller3-5/+12
2015-04-01Merge branch 'for-4.0' of git:// Torvalds4-38/+32
2015-04-01mac80211: fix RX A-MPDU session reorder timer deletionJohannes Berg3-5/+12
2015-03-31tipc: fix a slab object leakYing Xue1-1/+1
2015-03-31af_iucv: fix AF_IUCV sendmsg() errnoEugene Crosser1-3/+1
2015-03-31openvswitch: Return vport module ref before destructionThomas Graf1-3/+1
2015-03-31sunrpc: make debugfs file creation failure non-fatalJeff Layton4-38/+32
2015-03-29net: tcp6: fix double call of tcp_v6_fill_cb()Alexey Kodanev1-0/+11
2015-03-29netns: don't clear nsid too early on removalNicolas Dichtel1-9/+15
2015-03-29ipmr,ip6mr: call ip6mr_free_table() on failure pathWANG Cong2-2/+2
2015-03-25ipv6: Don't reduce hop limit for an interfaceD.S. Ljungmark1-1/+8
2015-03-24net: use for_each_netdev_safe() in rtnl_group_changelink()WANG Cong1-2/+2
2015-03-23tcp: prevent fetching dst twice in early demux codeMichal Kubeček2-2/+2
2015-03-22Merge git:// S. Miller9-13/+51
2015-03-22netfilter: nft_compat: set IP6T_F_PROTO flag if protocol is setPablo Neira Ayuso1-0/+6
2015-03-20net: validate the range we feed to iov_iter_init() in sys_sendto/sys_recvfromAl Viro1-0/+4
2015-03-20net: compat: Update get_compat_msghdr() to match copy_msghdr_from_user() beha...Catalin Marinas1-0/+7
2015-03-20tcp: fix tcp fin memory accountingJosh Hunt1-5/+1
2015-03-20ipv6: fix backtracking for throw routesSteven Barth1-0/+1
2015-03-20ipv6: call ipv6_proxy_select_ident instead of ipv6_select_ident in udp6_ufo_f...Sabrina Dubroca1-5/+3
2015-03-20netfilter: xt_TPROXY: fix invflags check in tproxy_tg6_check()Pablo Neira Ayuso1-2/+2
2015-03-19Merge git:// Torvalds26-86/+189
2015-03-19netfilter: restore rule tracing via nfnetlink_logPablo Neira Ayuso4-10/+34
2015-03-17act_bpf: allow non-default TC_ACT opcodes as BPF exec outcomeDaniel Borkmann1-8/+28
2015-03-17inet: Clean up inet_csk_wait_for_connect() vs. might_sleep()Eric Dumazet1-0/+1