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2016-02-05perf inject: Add jitdump mmap injection supportStephane Eranian1-0/+7
2015-09-28perf inject: Add --strip option to strip out non-synthesized eventsAdrian Hunter1-0/+3
2015-08-21perf tools: Put itrace options into an asciidoc includeAdrian Hunter1-22/+1
2015-05-05perf auxtrace: Add option to synthesize events for transactionsAdrian Hunter1-4/+5
2015-04-29perf inject: Add Instruction Tracing supportAdrian Hunter1-0/+26
2014-07-25perf inject: Add --kallsyms parameterAdrian Hunter1-0/+3
2012-10-26perf inject: Merge sched_stat_* and sched_switch eventsAndrew Vagin1-0/+5
2012-10-26perf inject: Work with filesAndrew Vagin1-0/+6
2010-05-04perf inject: Add missing bitsArnaldo Carvalho de Melo1-0/+35