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ethtool.8: Improve description of --flash option
Avoid repeating 'flash' as a verb; that doesn't explain anything. For consistency, describe both parameters (aside from devname) under separate headings, formatted as lower-case italic. Explain how the filename is resolved. Explain what non-zero values of N would mean, and that they are driver-dependent. Signed-off-by: Ben Hutchings <>
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@@ -792,13 +792,20 @@ Sets the receive flow hash indirection table to spread flows between
receive queues according to the given weights. The sum of the weights
must be non-zero and must not exceed the size of the indirection table.
-.B \-f \-\-flash \ FILE
-Flash firmware image from the specified file to a region on the adapter.
-By default this will flash all the regions on the adapter.
+.B \-f \-\-flash
+Write a firmware image to flash or other non-volatile memory on the
-.B N
-A number to identify flash region where the image should be flashed.
-Default region is 0 which denotes all regions in the flash.
+.I file
+Specifies the filename of the firmware image. The firmware must first
+be installed in one of the directories where the kernel firmware
+loader or firmware agent will look, such as /lib/firmware.
+.I N
+If the device stores multiple firmware images in separate regions of
+non-volatile memory, this parameter may be used to specify which
+region is to be written. The default is 0, requesting that all
+regions are written. All other values are driver-dependent.