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@@ -296,6 +296,7 @@ ethtool \- query or control network driver and hardware settings
.BM src\-port
.BM dst\-port
.BM spi
+.BM l4data
.BM vlan\-etype
.BM vlan
.BM user\-def
@@ -720,6 +721,10 @@ Specify the value of the security parameter index field (applicable to
AH/ESP packets)in the incoming packet to match along with an optional
mask. Valid for flow-types ip4, ah4, and esp4.
+.BI l4data \ N \\fR\ [\\fPm \ N \\fR]\\fP
+Specify the value of the first 4 Bytes of Layer 4 in the incoming packet to
+match along with an optional mask. Valid for ip4 flow-type.
.BI vlan\-etype \ N \\fR\ [\\fPm \ N \\fR]\\fP
Includes the VLAN tag Ethertype and an optional mask.