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ethtool.8: Improve description of --test option
There were numerous grammatical errors in these descriptions, combined with poor formatting. Describe each mode under a separate heading. Signed-off-by: Ben Hutchings <>
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.B \-t \-\-test
Executes adapter selftest on the specified network device. Possible test modes are:
-.RI \*(SD
-defines test type:
.B offline
-(default) means to perform full set of tests possibly causing normal operation interruption during the tests,
+Perform full set of tests, possibly interrupting normal operation
+during the tests,
.B online
-means to perform limited set of tests do not interrupting normal adapter operation,
+Perform limited set of tests, not interrupting normal operation,
.B external_lb
-means to perform external-loopback test in addition to other offline tests.
+Perform full set of tests, as for \fBoffline\fR, and additionally an
+external-loopback test.
.B \-s \-\-change
Allows changing some or all settings of the specified network device.